Cottage cheese is soft, white and creamy. It’s considered a fresh cheese, so it does not undergo an aging or ripening process to develop flavour. We are offering Best Cottage cheese in Goa, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Mumbai which is made from the curds of pasteurized cow’s milk and can be made with various levels of milk fat, such as non-fat, reduced-fat or regular. It’s also offered in different curd sizes, usually small, medium or large.

Cottage cheese is made by adding an acid to milk, which causes the milk to curdle. Then, the curd is drained and crumbled to make the final product. Cottage cheese is a low-calorie cheese with a mild flavor. Its popularity has grown in the last few decades, and it’s often recommended as part of a healthy diet. It is widely used by athletes and in weight loss plans. Our range is admired for quality and rich taste. These are offered in high grade packaging that enhance their shelf life and freshness. It is one of the primary protein sources among those who adhere to vegetarian diets.


• No impurity
• Nice taste