Cow ghee supplier



Punjab sind is offering high quality of Cow ghee supplier in Maharashtra. Ghee is useful for both external and internal use. Because ghee helps to increase immunity, that subtle essence of tissue that is responsible for life, radiant health, vigour, longevity and overall well-being. Ghee is useful in promoting growth and development in kids. It also improves memory and concentration power. Ghee is good for nerves & brains. It helps control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients. This product has a high demand in the market owing to its natural vitamins & antioxidants. These products are pure, natural and assure zero side effects. It also removes toxins from body & mind. This ghee is used for several spiritual purposes as well as in preparation of food as it smells good and also has many medicinal properties.


Long shelf life

Rich taste


Natural aroma & flavor

Mouth-watering taste

High nutritional value

Application areas:

Confectionery shops