Flavoured milk Distributor, Milk Distributors in Hyderabad



We is providing wide range of Flavoured milk Distributor in Maharashtra. Flavored milk is made from the combination of Milk and different kind of flavors. Flavored Milks are milks to which extract of sweetened flavors has been added, along with a sweetener. Additional specification of milk levels are the same for flavored and unflavored milks. We are also providing best Flavoured milk Distributor. Punjab sind is offered flavoured milk with extra proteins. The protein gives you extra energy & strength whenever & wherever you need it. We are also known for Milk Distributors in Hyderabad, Maharashtra. This is made from Fresh cow’s milk. Flavored milk is often sanitized utilizing ultra-high-temperature (UHT) treatment, which gives it more extended time than plain milk. It is available at really reasonable prices.


Less cholesterol
Highly nutritious
Superb quality
Delicious taste
Freshness and purity.