Flavoured milk supplier in Gujarat



Punjab sind are engaged in offering the best quality Flavoured milk supplier in Hyderabad, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa . Flavoured Milk is a unique offering in multi colour slim stylized packing bottle with international look and feel. Flavored milk is made from the combination of Milk and different kind of flavors. Flavored Milks are milks to that extract of sweet flavors has been added, along with a sweetener. Flavored milk is usually change integrity using ultra-high-temperature treatment, which provides it a longer shelf-life than plain milk.

Flavored milk is milk that has sugar, colorings and flavorings added to create it lot of tasty, particularly to kids will be sold as a powder to be added to plain milk, or bought pre-mixed beside different milk products. We are also providing Flavoured milk supplier in Bangalore, Mumbai. Flavouring may be enclosed during a straw, and a few flavoured milk products are designed as dietary supplements by including extra vitamins or mineral. Our Flavoured Milk is sterilised at extreme temperature and Packed aseptically to provide you safe, delicious and lip smacking taste. punjab sind is also offering Flavoured milk Distributor.


• Durable
• High impact strength
• Leak proof design