Sweets manufacturer in Goa



We are offering wide range of Sweets manufacturer in Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai. Sweets are the most popular sought after delicacy that is offered to the deity. sweets are commonly known as Mithai in Hindi, they are a type of confectionery that rely heavily on milk, sugar, flour, condensed milk, cardamom powder for flavouring. As India is rich in its heritage, culture and traditions, we have a plenty of festivals in line.

Punjab Sind Foods are also providing Best sweets in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Hyderabad. Sweets recipes are large in colour, shape and size. Their flavours are also distinct and explicit. Our offered sweets are highly demanded for their delectable taste, freshness, adulteration-free processing and hygienic packaging. We offer different types of sweets packed beautifully in an attractively designed box. We are the offering Mithai supplier in Mumbai. We utilize the finest and the fresh ingredients to complete the nutritious, rich and tasty flavour of delicious sweets from Mumbai and various regions. Our skilled sweet makers ensure that the high quality of the products is maintained. We offer sweets to our customer at reasonable costs.


• High Quality
• Excellent taste
• Different colors, textures and designs of the sweets
• Attractive box used for packaging
• Fine quality raw materials used, including dry fruits